Have you ever thought about the ingredients of your favorite perfume? Find out interesting facts about perfume compositions and whether they are safe for your life.

Components of Perfumes

Components of Perfumes
natural-perfumeFirst perfume was invented by ancient Egyptians and contained all natural components: extracts of plants, aroma oils, spices and flowers. Nowadays the perfume industry went way further and the majority of perfumes have a lot of synthetic components in its structure. Fragrance formulas of famous perfumes are kept in great secret since popular perfume producers get a lot of money from this business. This means that people don’t know the exact composition of their favorite perfumes.

The Basic Formula
All perfumes has the same components in the basic formula. They are:
1. Alcohol.
2.  Water.
3.  Fragrance oils.
4. Chemical components.

They are the foundation of perfume. This formula isn’t changeable. But types of fragrance oils and chemicals can vary greatly. Thanks to these compounds of perfumes they all smell in different way.

Natural Oils
Natural oils are produced from animals and plants. Modern scientists know how to make artificial oils, which have the same composition and smell as natural ones. They are more economical and need less time for production. But still a lot of perfume brands chose the natural oils for their fragrances.

 Components from plants
 Such things as leaves, roots, fruit, moss, bulbs, sprigs, flowers, seeds, rind and wood are the most widespread plant components added to fragrances. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of different parts of plants. They are very valuable and expensive.

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